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Educational Research

The project is scientifically evaluated in cooperation with the Department of Educational Research and Educational Management at Heinrich Heine University.

Research objectives
The accompanying scientific research is to identify behavioral dimensions, attitudinal variables, and patterns of experience among students and instructors. The environment of the feedback process and its individual and group-specific perception in a hierarchically structured environment will be included.

Since the new educational concept to be evaluated examines feedback-giving and feedback-taking in a highly complex field of activity, the investigation will initially be conducted using qualitative instruments (field observations, individual interviews, and group discussions) of social research.

The multidimensional communication process that takes place in the feedback situation was exemplified by the following questions:

To what actions is feedback given?
In what form is feedback given?
How emotional or factual is the feedback given?
In what complexity is the feedback actually given (information about mistakes, examples of solutions, recommendations for optimization)?
What information for the further design of their learning process do the students receive?
How transparent are the feedback criteria for the students?
How is the feedback perceived by the students?
What opportunities for participation and reaction are there on the part of the students in connection with the feedback process?
What is the influence of the working climate on the feedback situation?
What problems can arise (e.g. channel discrepancy)?
What opportunities can be identified (e.g., empowerment)?
Against the background of these data collections, assumptions can be made about the following changes:

the professional self-image
the reflection of ethical and legal issues
the ability to empathically adopt the patient's point of view
the communicative skills in the patient interview
the sense of responsibility (in contrast to the knowledge of responsibility)
the motivation of the medical action
The Ethics Committee of the Medical Faculty of the Heinrich Heine University has given a positive vote for the implementation of the project.

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