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From general information on the topic of research to working in a scientific working group - everything is possible!

With the "Science Track", we invite you to use the elective curriculum for a foray into science. Through the track, you can go as deep into science as you like. In three stages, it offers all the possibilities - from an overview to the start of a doctorate:

Part I. - Research and Doctoral Studies at the School of Medicine: An Overview (Lecture Series).
In the lecture series you will get a first impression of how scientists work in clinics and institutes. Renowned researchers of the Faculty of Medicine and their working groups will introduce themselves and their field of research. You will also learn how to get started in scientific work through a doctorate.

For those of you who would like more than just an overview, who would like to gain your own practical experience, who would like to work on scientific projects yourself and possibly do a doctorate, the lecture series is a good opportunity to identify an exciting field of research and to make contact with the relevant working groups. Most of the working groups also offer advanced courses in Part II. and III. of the "Science Track".

Part II. - Scientific work: BASIC
Part II is about laying the foundations for scientific work and gaining first experiences. You will get to know the working groups better (and they will get to know you) - and maybe you will find "your" working group for the start of a PhD.

Part III - Scientific work: ADVANCED
In Part III you will go even deeper. You are now already part of a working group and learn in small groups or even individually, possibly even promotion-related. In the optimal case you have arrived in "your" working group and are well on your way to a qualified doctorate.

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