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Medical Progress Test

The Progress Test Medicine (PTM) is an interdisciplinary knowledge test for students of human medicine. It consists of 200 multiple-choice questions that represent a cross-section of the knowledge expected of physicians at the beginning of their professional lives. The test offers students the opportunity to check their current level of knowledge, to view it separately according to sub-areas (subjects, organ systems, etc.) and to compare it with students at HHU and other universities throughout Germany and Austria.

Track your Progress

The PTM provides objective feedback on your personal level of knowledge. If you participate regularly, you can track your own growth in knowledge over the course of your medical studies and check the sustainability of the medical knowledge you have acquired.

There is no need and no preparation for the PTM, as it is designed to measure your spontaneously retrievable knowledge. Participation is voluntary and your individual performance will be treated in strict confidence and will not be included in your academic performance! You have a maximum of three hours to complete the test.

PTM @home

You can participate in the PTM from the comfort of your own home. For this purpose, an online version of the PTM is available to you, for which you must register once via the Dean of Studies Office.

Dates and Registration

This semester the Progress Test Medicine will take place from 01. - 07.05.2023. To participate, prior registration via HIS-LSF is required by 24.04.2023.

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