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Medical Progress Test

The Progress Test Medicine (PTM) is an interdisciplinary knowledge test for students of human medicine. It consists of 200 multiple-choice questions that represent a cross-section of the knowledge expected of physicians at the beginning of their professional lives. The test offers students the opportunity to check their current level of knowledge, to view it separately according to sub-areas (subjects, organ systems, etc.) and to compare it with students at HHU and other universities throughout Germany and Austria.

Track your Progress

The PTM provides objective feedback on your personal level of knowledge. If you participate regularly, you can track your own growth in knowledge over the course of your medical studies and check the sustainability of the medical knowledge you have acquired.

There is no need and no preparation for the PTM, as it is designed to measure your spontaneously retrievable knowledge. Participation is voluntary. Your individual performance will be kept strictly confidential and will not be taken into account in your academic performance. 


In the summer semester 2024, the Progress Test Medicine will take place from Monday, May 06, up to and including Sunday, May 26.

FAQ on the Progress Test Medicine

The test is conducted online. This means that the test can be taken anywhere with an Internet connection at a time of your choice during the test period from May 6 to 26.

Individual login details are required to take the test.

These will be sent by the Dean of Studies' Office to all medical students in our faculty by e-mail a few days before the start of the test period. Additional registration is not necessary.

A maximum of three hours is available for the test. It is of course possible to complete the test in a shorter period of time.

An interdisciplinary, electronic knowledge test for students of medicine with 200 multiple-choice questions. The questions represent a cross-section of the level of knowledge expected of a graduate at the end of their studies. The test is used in identical form at many medical faculties in Germany.

The test is voluntary and is not counted as an examination. Each participant only receives their personal test result. The test and the evaluation are not documented in the participants' performance overview.

Individual feedback on my knowledge development from semester to semester; information about the subjects in which my strengths and weaknesses lie, where I stand in comparison to my fellow students and also an exercise in answering various types of multiple-choice questions.

Students in higher semesters receive valuable, objective feedback on how to assess their level of knowledge with regard to the upcoming state examination.

Students in the early semesters can of course only answer a few questions at first, but as their studies progress, more and more knowledge can be retrieved from semester to semester, thus documenting their personal learning progress. The test also includes questions on pre-clinical subjects.

The test takes place once per semester; at our faculty usually in the 5th week of the semester. Within this period, you can choose when you would like to take the test.

Immediately after the test, you will receive initial brief feedback on the number of questions you have answered correctly. You can also view the individual questions, the answers you ticked and the correct answers.

A few weeks after the test, all participants receive a comprehensive personal evaluation with detailed graphics ("knowledge profile") by e-mail. You can get an insight into such a knowledge profile on the website of the Charité

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Judith de Bruin in the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Medicine ().

Example profiles from the evaluation of the PTM

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