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History, Examination and Case Presentation

A key feature of the Düsseldorf Curriculum of Medicine is an innovative teaching and learning format that is unique in Germany: Learning on Patient's Complaints. Our faculty has defined treatment occasions that can occur both in the outpatient area of primary care and in any other level of care, and coordinated these with the clinics of the UKD. This resulted in the Düsseldorf List of Complaint Items with 123 occasions for medical consultation. Based on the respective treatment occasion, the students work independently on at least 65 real patient cases on wards and outpatient clinics in this format by the end of the fifth year of study in addition to Bedside Teaching. The focus is on interdisciplinary history taking and physical examination of unknown patients. The student-centered format thus promotes independent learning and prepares students for everyday professional life.

Introduction Video for Students

Introduction Video for Teachers

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