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Clinical Reasoning and Acting in Diagnosis and Therapy

In the module "Clinical Reasoning and Acting in Diagnosis and Therapy", students undergo five two-week units, each of which focuses on one organ or system in coordinated courses. The thematic focus lies on:

  • Heart, Circulation, Blood and Vessels,
  • lungs, respiratory tract,
  • gastrointestinal tract,
  • kidney and urinary tract,
  • nervous system and psyche.

This structure further links basic subjects with clinical subjects, causes and mechanisms of disease. Seminars with clinical relevance can thus be better embedded in the module context.

The integrated topic and study moudle alternates with a four-week practical module in which students deepen their practical experience in direct contact with patients.

The module, which lasts a total of 16 weeks, concludes with a two-part final examination.

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