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Infection and Immunity

The topic module "Infection and Immunity" deals with the symptom- and organ-specific elaboration of basics of medical microbiology and virology.

In addition, there are lectures, seminars and practical courses on the topics:
Wound Infection, Gastrointestinal Tract (with emphasis on diarrhea), Genitourinary Tract Diseases (with emphasis on urinary tract infection, urethritis, sexually transmitted diseases), Respiratory Tract Diseases (with emphasis on ENT diseases, pneumonia) and Systemic Diseases (with emphasis on sepsis, endocarditis, primary systemic infections), Travel Medicine (with emphasis on parasitic diseases) and Opportunistic Infections (with emphasis on fungal diseases).

Aligned with the above topics, we consider pharmacologic aspects of antibacterial, antiparasitic, antifungal, and antiviral therapy, as well as infection prevention. At the end of the topic module, we discuss infectiological aspects in individual, patient-related diagnosis and therapy.

The repetitorium on the immune system's defenses focuses on clinically relevant effects of the immune system in the context of infection medicine, transplantation medicine, rheumatology and tumor therapy. Lectures on historical and ethical topics in infectious diseases are also integrated into the topic module.

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