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Interdisciplinary Judgement

The focus of the study block "Interdisciplinary Judgement" is on professional cooperation in an interdisciplinary team. The aim is the safe care of multimorbid patients.

Supported by experienced acting patients, we teach the application of an interdisciplinary history taking and physical examination in a practical way. The independent elaboration of differential diagnoses and the development of concepts for verification are in the foreground.

In the course of the study module, we show how specialist treatment concepts can be created and how these can be combined into an interdisciplinary concept. In addition, there is the opportunity to comment on ethical problem areas in a written vote and to formulate interdisciplinary doctor's letters that ensure the optimal further treatment of patients.

At the end of the module, the diagnostic and/or treatment concepts developed in the team are brought together with the patient's life situation and values in a jointly supported concept via the process of participatory decision-making.

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