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Introduction to Medicine, Man and Society (TB 1)

The study program begins with the "Introduction to Medicine, Man and Society". In this subject block, we teach the scientific and technical basics relevant to the study of medicine. In the field of biology, physics and chemistry, for example, we deal with cell and microbiology, optics and the structure of matter. Students learn medical vocabulary (terminology), receive propaedeutics, i.e. an introduction to macroanatomy, and are already introduced to clinical topics (e.g. through a clinical lecture series). They learn about the influence of society on the health of the individual (medical sociology) and look at medicine from historical, theoretical, ethical and economic points of view. On the other hand, we teach techniques such as "time-saving learning strategies" and "communication" that make studying medicine easier. In the courses "Study and Health" and "Occupational Health and Safety in Studies", students learn how to take optimal care of themselves and their well-being during their studies.

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