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In the study module "Oncology" we teach the basic features of tumor biology as well as the most important aspects of prevention, diagnostics and therapy based on various entities, taking into account the necessary interdisciplinary cooperation.

In the area of prevention and diagnostics, we show how the basic features of tumorigenesis can be explained using model diseases and how differences can be named, how the influence of unhealthy behavior on the development of cancer can be described, and how a symptom-guided physical examination can be performed with subsequent formulation of a description of the findings.

Especially in the case of tumor diseases, the appropriate therapy and aftercare play an important role. Therefore, we not only teach the basics of anti-tumor therapy consisting of surgical therapy, chemotherapy and radiation therapy with their areas of application; the description of the effects of tumor diseases on the organism and the psyche is also learned here. This also includes dealing with the breaking of bad news and the consideration of ethical limits of therapeutic measures. In addition, we use selected examples to explain the possible applications of the new, targeted therapy methods.


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