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The Human Body: Biology of Movement (TB 2)

In this topic module, we look at the musculoskeletal system of the human body from an anatomical and clinical perspective. In the area of macroscopic anatomy, our students work on body specimens in the dissection course. They get a unique insight into the real structure of the human body. Theoretical-schematic textbook knowledge is complemented by three-dimensional "hands-on" experience and learning about variations in anatomy. Furthermore, we discuss social and ethical aspects of body donation and the dissection course. At the same time, in the microscopic anatomy (histology) courses, the future doctors learn about the fine structure of tissues, cells and organs, which can only be seen under the microscope. The beginning Clinical Training Course, which extends over four semesters, teaches the first examination techniques for the musculoskeletal system. These can already be put to the test in the one-week Practitioner Internship following the 2nd semester.

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