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FAQ on the elective curriculum

HIS-LSF is the central platform where you can find all information on the elective subjects and also take them.

The general path is: Course directory - Faculty of Medicine - Timetable for Human Medicine

Please note: After logging in to HIS-LSF, you may have to manually switch to the next semester at the top right of the screen.

At the latest one week before the start of the elective course allocation, we will have entered all the offers sent to us in LSF. We will also inform you of this in the form of an overview list. However, experience has shown that we may receive an elective offer from some teachers at a later date, about which we will then inform you separately.

After logging in to HIS-LSF, you must manually switch to the next semester at the top right of the screen.

Some of the Q1/Q2 electives are only open from the 5th or 6th semester. As you do not have the necessary access authorization, these courses will not be displayed.

Yes - you may also take electives during the semester off, provided you meet the admission requirements. But you do not have to.

No, as long as there is no clash of dates with the core curriculum and/or other electives, you can take more than two electives per semester.


No, this is not possible. You can only take electives for Q2 or have them recognized as soon as you have passed the intermediate medical examination.

No, that is not possible.

If the elective subject is offered by an institution of the Faculty of Medicine (e.g. Clinic for Dermatology), it is counted as medical. Otherwise it is considered non-medical. To increase transparency, non-medical electives from the range provided by the Dean of Studies are marked in HIS-LSF with the remark "this is a non-medical elective" (e.g. Business Administration for prospective medical students because it comes from the Chair of Business Administration).

In addition to electives, which are organized and administered by the Office of the Dean of Studies, courses from other institutions (Student Academy, Studium Universale, etc.) are also credited. These usually count as non-medical.

Yes, because the medRSD is part of the Faculty of Medicine. A course must comprise 28 teaching hours (or three days of 8 hours each). As many courses are one- or two-day courses, these may be added together once, e.g. 1x one-day + 2x two-day courses then results in a complete elective subject. Please send the documents via e-mail to Ms. Wacker in the Student and Examination Administration:

Yes, this is actually the intention, as we want you to gain insights into other specialist disciplines and thus broaden your horizons. It is important that the course is offered by a university or college and that it comprises at least 28 lessons. The only exception to the above are language courses, which generally comprise slightly fewer than 28 teaching hours but are still recognized. Have this and your successful participation confirmed in writing at the end of the course.

To the Student and Examination Administration (Ms. Wacker):

To the respective institutions: KUBUS, Language Center, Medical Research School etc. The elective curriculum team cannot answer any questions regarding content or organization. It is therefore best to check the website of the relevant institution for further information or contact the teacher directly.

After the last day of the elective, the teacher sends the final participation list to the Student and Examination Administration. Your participation will be entered in the system there. If your elective subject is still not displayed in the student portal four weeks after completion, please contact the teacher.


The same course cannot be recognized twice. However, you can take a course in the same language at a different level and have it recognized.

No, we can only take into account credits earned at a university.

We can recognize up to four non-medical electives in Q1 and a maximum of two non-medical electives in Q2. To do this, please send us your certificate together with the courses to . Please also state the courses from your previous studies that you would like us to recognize. If the grade is to be transferred, please also state this.

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