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Semester of Study

You are in your 3rd- 6th year of studies and would like to spend one or two semesters with us attending lectures, courses and seminars and, if necessary, supplement these with clinical internships? If so, please submit the following documents in order to apply:

Deadline: 5th April (for winter semester) or 5th December (for summer semester)

Please submit your German language certificate B1 via the online portal to the Office for International Affairs at the Medical Faculty. We strongly recommend that you obtain one of the following official German language certificates: www.testdaf.deGoethe-Zertifikat des Goethe Instituts, Deutsches Sprachdiplom der Kultusministerkonferenz or Telc, covering Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening.
Should you submit a language certificate other than the aforementioned official certificates or should your certificate be older than two years, you will be invited to a telephone interview by us, through which your German language skills, especially oral skills, will be examined. Insufficiency in German language skills will lead to rejection!

Deadline: 20th May (for winter semester) or 20th January (for summer semester) 

In order to be admitted to the Erasmus semester in medicine at our faculty, you need to prove that you have been sufficiently vaccinated. This will be checked by the Occupational Health (Betriebsärztlicher Dienst) of our university hospital. Please upload the following documents to the Occupational Health (Betriebsärztlicher Dienst) before the respective deadline:  

Once successfully nominated, please make sure you have all required vaccination documentation and lab reports necessary to the Immunization Record in time. Since it could take some time until you have everything ready, we strongly suggest you start the preparation immediately after the nomination. Check with your family doctor or general practitioner whether you have had all the required vaccinations and examinations listed in the Immunization Record. If necessary, please have any missing vaccinations carried out. Incomplete Immunization Record will be rejected. The Immunization Record form is to be completed and signed by your family doctor or general practitioner. The document Einwilligung (Consent) has to be signed by yourself. Without your signed consent, our Occupational Health (Betriebsärztlicher Dienst) is not able to inform us that your Immunization Record is complete. Lack of this information, we are not able to admit you to the Erasmus semester.  

Please upload the required documents here:  

Upload Portal of Betriebsärztlicher Dienst 

Please note: Failure to provide the completed Immunization Record prior to the respective deadline may lead to a rejection. The tuberculosis skin test cannot be substituted by a tuberculosis vaccine! The Immunization Record contains health information considered confidential to you and the Occupational Health (Betriebsärztlicher Dienst), and so must be uploaded directly to Occupational Health (Betriebsärztlicher Dienst) and must not be sent via e-mail. 

Deadline: 15th July (for winter semester) or 15th January (for summer semester)

Please us your course preferences (Fächerwünsche) prior to the respective deadline first before filling in your Learning Agreement. Please read through carefully the course selection guide “Anleitung zur Kurswahl” first and then fill in the excel sheet for course preferences “ECTS-Punkte und Fächerwünsche”.

Anleitung zur Kurswahl
ECTS-Punkte und Fächerwünsche 

After completing the excel sheet “ECTS-Punkte und Fächerwünsche” please convert it to PDF format and send us the PDF file. Please do not type the courses in the e-mail body but rather use only the given form “ECTS-Punkte und Fächerwünsche” and the comments box in it.

Learning Agreement

The Learning Agreement is an important part of the Erasmus+ programme. It should include all the lectures, courses and seminars the student is expected to attend during the exchange. Once signed by all three parties (both universities and the Erasmus student) the Learning Agreement becomes valid.

Please make sure to e-mail us your course preferences (Fächerwünsche) in PDF format prior to the respective deadline: 15th July (for winter semester) or 15th January (for summer semester). After the deadline we will begin verifying your course request. You will be notified via e-mail whether your course choices are feasible or you need to do any changes.

Until 30th September (for winter semester) or 31st March (for summer semester)

Once you have received our e-mail confirming that your course request is feasible, you can start completing your Learning Agreement. You will receive the access data of the Online Learning Agreement or the template of the Learning Agreement in paper format from your home university. Please let your coordinator sign the Learning Agreement first.

Note: Please do not enter any internships (Famulaturen) in your Learning Agreement at this stage yet, as they will be organised after your arrival in Düsseldorf. Once the chosen clinics have confirmed the Famulaturen we will be able to add them to your Learning Agreement.

We will be able to sign your Learning Agreement as soon as having received the Learning Agreement signed by you and your coordinator. If you are using the Learning Agreement in paper format you will be able to pick up the original in person after your arrival in Düsseldorf.

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