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An internship opportunity at Heinrich Heine University or, to be more precise, at University Hospital Düsseldorf is also possible outside the Erasmus+ programme.

Incomings from non-Erasmus+ Partner Universities

We provide clinical internship opportunities for a limited number of visiting international students from our affiliated institutions. 

Eligibility requirements:
  • full-time medical students from our bilateral partner universities
  • completion of at least one clerkship at your home university prior to starting date in Düsseldorf
  • official nomination by home university

Detailed information on application and disciplines available in English will be sent directly to our partner universities. Please consult your international relation coordinators at home university about how to apply.

Bilateral Partner Universities (non-Erasmus)
  • Chiba University, Japan
  • Hamamatsu University, School of Medicine, Japan
  • Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences, Mongolei
  • Sultan Quboos University, Oman
  • The University of Illinois at Chicago, USA

University of Oita, Japan

Incomings without Exchange Programmes

Students enrolled in a university outside Germany who would like to come to us outside our exchange programmes (Erasmus+ and bilateral exchange) are welcome to self-organise an internship placement at our University Hospital Düsseldorf (UKD).

A clinical internship can be a “Famulatur” (for 3rd-6th year students), and a “Hospitation” (for graduates). To organise a clinical internship please contact the clinic of your preference at the UKD directly to find out whether an internship placement is available and how to apply. You can find an overview of the clinics of the UKD here.

Usually, you will need to submit a CV, a letter of motivation, a letter of recommendation, a certificate of enrolment, a complete Immunization Record as well as a German language certificate (recommended level: B2). A template for the Immunization Record is available in the download box in the right-hand panel of this page. Please turn to the chosen clinic to find out whether an English language certificate might be accepted instead and whether further documents are required. Please note that trainees will not be registered as a student at our university.

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