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Nursing Service Abroad

You would like to gain study-relevant experience abroad already in the first two years of your studies? It is possible! Because the nursing service can also be completed abroad according to § 6 para. 3 ÄAppO.

General guidelines

If you would like to complete the nursing service abroad, you must note that the nursing service must be completed on a bed-keeping nursing ward in a state or state-recognized hospital abroad. 

The completed nursing service must be certified by a certificate on the last day of the internship. You can find a template for the certificate in English on the LPA website. On page 2, the duration of work on the individual wards as well as a detailed description of the activities carried out (basic and treatment care more than 50% of daily work, e.g. assistance with washing, assistance with excretions, changing dressings, etc.) must be listed.

The certificate must clearly indicate which facility is involved. If it is not clear from the stamp of the institution which hospital it is, an additional certificate from the institution must be submitted in which the hospital is briefly described with the number of beds and wards - see the form "Sample hospital status" on the LPA website. From experience, we recommend that you obtain a status certificate from the hospital as a precautionary measure, as the status is not always clear from the stamp.

The status certificate and the certificate must be translated into German by an interpreter who is sworn in at court in Germany. If issued in English, no translation is required.

Note on insurance coverage

During your stay abroad, you are not insured through HHU or UKD. You must clarify your insurance status abroad in advance with the respective foreign institution. If necessary, you must take out the appropriate foreign insurance (health, liability, accident insurance, etc.) before your departure.

Organization on your own initiative

The nursing service abroad must be organized independently by you - as with a nursing service at home. The International Office of the Dean of Studies will be happy to advise you on organizational matters. Due to different systems, the nursing service as defined by the German licensing regulations for doctors (nursing service as a compulsory part of medical studies) is unknown in most countries. If you apply for a nursing service internship abroad, it is therefore always advisable to include a statement on the German nursing service that the nursing service is a compulsory part of the degree course in Germany and serves the purpose of introducing medical students to the operation and organization of a hospital and familiarizing them with the activities of nursing. When formulating this declaration, please refer to the LPA's information sheet on the nursing service. Alternatively, we will be happy to issue you with a corresponding certificate (see "Letter of Recommendation" below). If you cannot find the contact details of the head of the nursing service, it is advisable to write to a head physician and ask for help.

Since the nursing service is the first patient-related internship in your medical studies, it is recommended that you have already completed part of your nursing service in Germany, for example 30 days, before starting your nursing service abroad in order to familiarize yourself with the activities. 

Please also ask Ms. Wacker in the Student and Examination Administration Office in advance about the recognition of your nursing service abroad.

External funding opportunities

There are external funding opportunities for nursing service abroad. See "External links" in the right-hand column on this page. Please note: in the mobile phone view you will find these external links at the bottom of this page.

The recognition of your nursing service abroad is carried out by the HHU Student and Examination Administration. Please send your documents by e-mail from your HHU e-mail address to the Student and Examination Administration Office. The status certificate and the certificate must be translated into German by an interpreter who is sworn in at a court in Germany. If issued in English, no translation is required.

The steps are described in detail on our nursing service website.

Do you have further questions?
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Then please use the form via this online portal.

A transcript of records in English is available from Mrs Wacker in the Examination Administration. You can download a certificate of study/certificate of enrollment in English here: Digital Study Organisation.

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