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Medical Competences 1

In the 3rd, 4th and 5th year of study, at least 65 patient admissions and presentations on the ward/outpatient clinic must generally be independently and successfully processed. As many as possible of the treatment occasions listed in the Düsseldorf List of Treatment Occasions should be considered. However, a treatment occasion can also be processed more than once if different patients are involved.

If several students are working on the same case at the same time (due to a lack of patients), different reasons for treatment must be selected. For Medical Competencies 1 and 2, only patient admissions and presentations that are processed within the scope of the practice blocks are evaluated. Exceptions are only possible for serious reasons and after prior consultation with the Dean of Studies Office (Study Organization Q2). If it is proven that these rules are violated, the patient recordings and presentations affected by this and already processed will not be evaluated for Medical Competencies 1 and/or 2.

The performances of the Medical Competencies 1 are performed in the practice blocks of the 3rd and 4th year of study and are part of the performance record "Internal Medicine". The grade of this performance record results from the points in the final examinations in the study or integrated study and practice blocks "Interdisciplinary Decisions", "Abdomen", "Musculoskeletal System", "Head and Nervous System", "Thorax", "Man and Environment" and "Oncology". Physician Competencies 1 are not graded, but they are a prerequisite for awarding the certificate of achievement.

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