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Course Medical Psychology / Sociology

For the "Course in Medical Psychology/Medical Sociology", participation in the ranking of course dates I to IV in HIS-LSF is required. The ranking takes place annually at the end of a winter semester.

Enrollment deadline: 01.03. to 09.03.2021

Link to the course in HIS-LSF

Important: The course is a formal part of the 2nd academic year and can only be taken if TB 1 and 2 have been successfully passed before the course starts.

The course is offered on four dates each year: Courses I and II take place during the lecture-free period after the summer semester, and Courses III and IV take place during the lecture-free period after the winter semester. Courses I and III always take place at the beginning of the lecture-free period, courses II and IV at the end of the lecture-free period.

  Start of Lecture free Period End of Lecture free Period
After Summer Term Kursus I Kursus II
After Winter Term Kursus III

Kursus IV


Within the enrollment period, you will participate in the "Enroll with Priorities" enrollment process. In this enrollment process, you can apply for multiple courses, indicating your priorities for each course. Priorities are assigned starting with 1: you indicate the course you would most like to attend with priority 1, the second favorite with priority 2, and so on. The timing of your enrollment will not affect the appointment assignment within the enrollment period.

Important: Please assign a priority for all four available courses! Students who do not assign a priority for all courses will be excluded from the allocation process. They will then receive a free course place following the allocation process, regardless of prioritization.

After the allocation deadline, the subsequent automated allocation procedure will allocate the course places in such a way that as many students as possible will be admitted to a high-priority course.

After Registration

Approximately one week after the deadline, you will receive an e-mail informing you in which course you have received a place.

The allocation of a small group in courses I to IV takes place only a few weeks before the course starts. Prior to each course start date, all students with an assigned course seat will be emailed for this purpose in order to enroll in a small group. Participation in the small group assignment is mandatory in order to attend the course. For course dates I and II, small group enrollment occurs at the end of the summer term, and for course dates III and IV, at the end of the winter term.

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