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First Year of Study

In the first year of study, the focus is on teaching the fundamentals of human biology. For this purpose, four topic blocks lasting about six to eight weeks are offered, which are predominantly organ- or system-related. In addition, with the active support of clinicians, you will be presented with selected clinical aspects (e.g. clinical pictures), which will be linked to the necessary basic scientific knowledge. In this way, scientificity and practical relevance are combined, which prepares you at a high level for a medical career already in the 1st year of study.

At the end of each subject block there is an interdisciplinary final examination, via which you acquire, together with the other block final examinations up to the end of Q1, all the certificates of achievement provided for in the Medical Licensing Regulations for the first two years of study and some of the later years of study.

Topic Modules

You start your studies with the "Introduction to Medicine, Man and Society". In this , you will learn the scientific and technical basics relevant to the study of medicine.

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In this topic module, you will look at the musculoskeletal system of the human body from an anatomical and clinical perspective.

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The basic knowledge gained in the first semester will be expanded and embedded in clinical contexts in the module "Molecular Architecture of Life".

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In this module you will learn about the human nervous system and sensory organs in all their range and complexity.

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