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Third Year of Study

In the third year of study, you will go through another topic module, a 16-week integrated topic and study module and a four-week study module, both of which alternate with a four-week practice module.

In the practice module, you will spend weeks at a time in a variety of clinics at the University Hospital Düsseldorf (UKD). In doing so, you will be involved in the daily processes on wards and in outpatient clinics. The focus here is on structured, clinical-practical training and the integration of theory in practice based on the reason for treatment.

Division into Tracks starting with third Year

In order to enable you to learn in small groups, particularly in the practical modules on the wards, you will be divided into two tracks in the 3rd year of study. Tracks 3.1 and 3.2 do not stack, but run parallel to each other. This means that you will maintain your track throughout the academic year. Thus, if you start the academic year in track 3.1, you will take a continuation of the same track in the coming semester. Thus, all students go through the same blocks during the 3rd year of study - just in a different order.

Study and Practice Modules

In the topic modules, you will learn important clinical-theoretical basics, while the study modules deepen the knowledge you have already acquired and promote an understanding of physician-centered thinking and action. The integrated topic and study module combines the content of both kinds in five two-week sessions.

At the end of each topic and study module, there is a final interdisciplinary examination, through which you will acquire all the credits required by the Medical Licensing Regulations for the first two years of study and some of the later years of study by the end of Q1. The final examination for the 16-week integrated subject and study module consists of two written examinations.

In "Clinical Reasoning and Acting  in Diagnosis and Therapy" you will participate in five two-week units, which focus an organ or system each and are interrelated.

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In "Infection and Immunity" you will develope basic understanding of symptom and organ specific medical microbiology und virology.

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In "Interdisciplinary Judgement" you will focus on professional collaboration in interdiciplinary teams. The goal is to achieve a safe medical supply for multimorbid patients.

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