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Clinical Internship Year

The 6th year of study - Practical Year (PJ) - corresponds to the 3rd qualification phase (Q3) in the Düsseldorf Curriculum Medicine. In this study phase, you will receive a continuous practical training of a total of 48 weeks, which is divided into three tertials of 16 weeks each and begins either in mid-May (spring cohort) or mid-November (fall cohort). The PJ is completed in the (compulsory) subjects of surgery and internal medicine as well as one elective.

As future physicians, you will be directly integrated into the institute, clinic or practice operations. You will apply the skills, abilities and competencies acquired in the first five years of study, deepen them and grow further into your medical responsibility and medical practice under the guidance and supervision of experienced physicians. Accompanying teaching events and time for self-study complement this practice-oriented training phase.


Registration: 01.04.2021
  • Susanne Wissenbach
  • Study Organization (Q3 / M3)
  • +49 211 81-06450

  • Building: 17.11
  • Floor/Room: 01.24
  • Prof. Dr. Matthias Schott
  • PJ-Beauftragter
  • +49 (211) 81-04860

About the CIY

As a future physician, you will be directly integrated into the operations of the institute, clinic or practice and will apply and deepen your skills, abilities and competencies. Classes and time for self-study complement this practical training phase.

Organisation Clinical Internship Year

There are only a few weeks between the second section of the medical examination (M2) and the clinical internship year. Therefore, there are some things to consider for admission.

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