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Preventive Occupational Health Check

Occupational health screening is part of the UKD's preventive measures and benefits both you and the patients of the hospital and the academic teaching hospitals.

You cannot start your clinical internship year without a valid occupational health screening certificate!

During the occupational medical examination, an individual medical history will be taken, you will be physically examined, blood will be drawn, and a check of your vaccination status will take place. Therefore, please bring your vaccination card with you to the examination.

The company medical service of the UKD takes care of the preventive medical check-up for medical students of the HHU Düsseldorf. Students from other universities must organize the screening through their home university.

Since there may be longer waiting times for appointments at the UKD's occupational health service, we recommend that you take care of the occupational health screening certificate early - about three months before the start of your clinical internship year. If this expires during your clinical internship year, you will need to arrange for a follow-up certificate in good time. You cannot continue your clinical internship year without a valid certificate from the occupational health service! If your occupational health screening certificate is valid until the end of your studies, then you do not need to have another screening before your clinical internship year. The validity status will be displayed to you in the student portal.

For more information on occupational health screening and certification, please visit the pages of the UKD's Occupational Health Service

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