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The payment of expense allowance and meal allowance is made via personnel departments of the respective academic teaching hospitals / teaching practices. You must apply for payment, it is not automatic. We recommend that you present the relevant documents/application to the person responsible for the clinical internship year for signature on the 1st day of the tertial at the respective introductory event.

Payment of the expense allowance by the UKD is not possible in addition to an employment/service relationship such as, for example, a SHK/WHK at the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf/at the University Hospital Düsseldorf. 

Max. amount of allowance 375,- €
Max. amount of meal allowance 200,- €
= Max. total amount 573,- €

The amount and process of payment may differ among teaching hospitals/teaching practices. If in doubt, please contact the personnel department responsible for you.


 Complete the Application for Expense Allowance and Statement of Commitment in its entirety.

    Enter splitting times
    Enter all tertials

Obtain stamp and signature of hospital/institute director for each tertial individually.
Obtain the stamp and signature of the Dean of Students Office if this is the first application or if there has been a change from the initial application. This is to check that your details match the entries in the CIY portal and that all admission requirements have been met. Signature and stamp are only to be obtained
Submit the application to Ms. Erhahon at the Human Resources Department of the UKD:

    completely filled out application
    the required documents according to the application form
    the signed declaration of commitment

For procedure see "CIY-Tertial at the UKD".

Here you must apply separately for the expense allowance and the meal allowance. You apply for the expense allowance at the personnel department of the LVR-Klinikum.
You apply for the meal allowance at the personnel department of the UKD. The procedure is the same as for the "clinical internship year at the UKD". Please note in the "Area" field that you are assigned to the LVR Hospital.

Apply for payment to the personnel department of the respective teaching hospital. Please inform yourself about the procedure at the clinical internship year organization / the personnel department of the respective teaching hospital.

Authorized signatories for the tertials at the UKD/LVR-Klinikum


Authorized signatories

General Medicine

Prof. Wilm


Prof. Pannen (Substitute Prof. Kienbaum)


PD Dr. Fuchsluger (Substitute Prof. Geerling)


Frau Prof. Bruch-Gerharz


Frau Dr. Beyer


Frau Dr. Scheckenbach (Substitute Prof. Klenzner)

Maxillofacial & Plast. Facial Surgery

Dr. Landers

Clinical forensic medicine

Dr. Mayer


Prof. Sabel


Prof. Seitz

Neurology LVR-Klinikum

Prof. Seitz

Nuklear Medicine

Prof. Müller (Substitute Fr. Dr. Antke)


Prof. Krauspe (Substitute  PD Dr. Zilkens)


Dr. Bosse (Substitute PD Dr. Meissner)

Palliative Care

Frau Dr. Schmitz


Dr. Langebner


Prof. Tress


Prof. Antoch (Substitute Prof. Fürst)


Dr. Müller-Mattheis


Prof. Knoefel

Inner Medicine

Prof. Schott

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