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Requirements for Admission

Students at HHU have to meet the following criteria:

  • Successful and timely re-registration at HHU for the following semester.
  • Successful participation in the second section of the medical examination
  • Successful participation in the allocation of clinical internship years (online registration)
  • Valid occupational health precaution certificate
  • Participation in the briefings for the clinical internship year as part of the introductory event /web briefings

Students from other German universities must submit the following documents to the Dean of Studies Office (Study Organization Q3):

  •     Current certificate of enrollment (copy)
  •     M2 certificate (copy)
  •     Occupational health precaution certificate (copy)
  •     Proof of immune protection
  •     Participation in the briefings for the clinical internship year in the course of the introductory event /Web briefings
  •     Instruction declaration (copy)

Send the required documents in PDF format to the . If documents are not complete by the respective tertial start date, practical training at HHU cannot be started.

Students from foreign faculties can contact the staff from the International Affairs and Alumni Department in the Dean of Studies Office. There you will receive further information and assistance regarding your request. You can contact the staff at .

After registering in the CIY portal, you will initially be admitted to the clinical internship year with reservations. If you do not start the M2, then you must withdraw the clinical internship year in the CIY portal in due time (5 weeks before the start of the CIY). If this is not done, you will be given lower priority validation for the upcoming cohort and thus receive a later start time.

Students who have passed the Second Section of the Medical Examination and meet all other requirements listed above will be given final approval for the clinical internship year by the Dean of Students Office. They do not need to take any further action in this case.

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