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Safety for Data and Occupation

As a student of human medicine at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, you are required to receive instruction in occupational safety and data protection once a year. These instructions serve to sensitize you to the handling of protected and data-related (patient) data and to explain the valid occupational safety regulations to you.

Your successful participation will be recorded in the student portal (performance overview).

In the first semester, you will be instructed for the first time in occupational health and safety as part of a lecture and instructed with regard to the applicable data protection law. Proof of attendance at this compulsory course, which is anchored in the timetable, and the submission of a signed data protection commitment are admission requirements for participation in courses in the second semester. Anyone who misses the attendance date for valid reasons has the option of first obtaining proof via the online instruction in the work and data protection portal "Students at Work" (S@W), but must then make up for the attendance instruction in the second year of study. Without the corresponding proof in the student portal (performance overview), participation in the online instruction for the second semester is not possible.

In the second year of study, all medical students are required to refresh the instructional content online via the S@W portal in order to obtain the corresponding proof in the student portal for course enrollment in the third year of study.

An update and consolidation of the work and data protection regulations takes place in the third year of study as part of a lecture during the first practice block week. Without attending the lecture, entry into the practice modules is only possible with a current certificate from the online instruction. The classroom instruction must be made up at the next possible opportunity.

In the fourth year of study, the instruction must be completed online in the same way as in the second year of study. In the fifth year of study, you will again receive instruction as part of your certificate of achievement in occupational and social medicine in preparation for entering the practical year.

All face-to-face instruction in Occupational and Social Medicine is mandatory. The online instruction therefore only serves as an annual refresher course and to bridge the gap until the next face-to-face instruction, but must not completely replace it.

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