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Clinical Elective Scholarships of the Medical Faculty

The Medical Faculty of the Heinrich Heine University supports students who would like to complete their Clinical Elective far from their home country, outside the German-speaking area. Clinical Electives should take place during the lecture-free period. The minimum duration of the Clinical Elective is 30 days.

Application deadline:
  •     30.11.23 for the clinical traineeship abroad during the lecture-free period of the winter semester 2023/24.

The Famulaturstipendium is a one-time payment in the amount of 420€ to the student. Scholarships are awarded partly based on performance in medical school and partly based on extracurricular involvement.

According to academic performance: based on the performance (overall grade of the Medical Intermediate Examination or point average of the previous block final examinations) of all applicants, a ranking of the applications is established and the available funds are distributed to the top ranks.
After extracurricular involvement: you may also qualify for a scholarship through your extracurricular involvement. In this case, your extracurricular involvement must be detailed in the letter of motivation.

Excluded from the scholarships are students with concurrent funding such as the Deutschlandstipendium, scholarships from Begabtenförderungswerke or the bvmd. Students can only receive a one-time study abroad scholarship.
Following the stay abroad, an experience report must be prepared.

Application documents to be submitted:
  •     Application form
  •     Tabular curriculum vitae
  •     Letter of motivation (approx. 1 page)
  •     Current Transcript of Records (overview of achievements) in English including grade of the Medical Intermediate Examination (if available) → available from Ms. Wacker of the Student and Examination Administration.
  •     Written confirmation or email of Clinical Elective commitment (including details of Clinical Elective (location, duration) and clinic (name and contact person)).

Please submit your application by e-mail!

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