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Online Registration

Organizing the fastest and best possible studies for 3,100 students is an important concern for us. The basis for these planning processes is online registration. It is mandatory for all students and is carried out at the end of each semester for the coming semester.

Students who do not participate in the online registration (phase 1) in due time cannot continue their studies in the following semester!

Important Notes

  • Online registration takes place in two phases via HIS-LSF.
  • It takes place in addition to the re-registration at HHU. The deadline for online registration is different from the re-registration deadline.
  • Online registration is mandatory for all students of human medicine (1st - 5th year) and all students of dental medicine (1st - 2nd year).
  • Students who wish to start the clinical internship year in the coming semester are no longer required to participate in the online registration.
  • A valid occupational health certificate is required for online enrollment beginning in the 2nd year of study.
  • After each booking process, check in HIS-LSF in the "My functions" area and there under "My events" whether your booking is displayed correctly.

Subsequent Changes

If your plans for the coming semester change unexpectedly after the end of the registration period of phase 1 (e.g. because you cannot take up a doctoral position, a stay abroad, etc.), please inform the staff of the study organization by Sunday, March 21, 2021 at the latest. A valid participation in phase 1 is required. Later changes cannot be considered.

Current Deadlines

Phase 1 05.04. – 07.04.2021



Phase 2 (Q1)
12.04. -14.04.2021
(Track 3.2)
Patient Internship 1
May/June 2021 (Dates coming soon)
Patient Internship 2

Phase 1: 02. and 03.03.2021
Phase 2: 08. and 09.03.2021

Patient Internship 3

March/April 2021 (Track 3.2, Dates coming soon)

Medical Psychology / Sociology 

24.02. – 07.03.2021

Elective Subject

18.03., 22:00 – 21.03.2021, 0:00 
25.03., 22:00 – 28.03.2021, 0:00 
01.04., 22:00 – 04.04.2021, 0:00 


Phase 2 (Q2)
General Medicine Internship

Phase 1: 02. and 03.03.2021 (Tracks 5.3 and 5.4)
Phase 2: 08. and 09.03.2021 (Tracks 5.3 and 5.4)

Pediatrics Internship

15. – 19.03.2021
(Tracks 5.1 and 5.2)

Elective Subjects

18.03., 22:00 – 21.03.2021, 0:00 
25.03., 22:00 – 28.03.2021, 0:00 
01.04., 22:00 – 04.04.2021, 0:00 



In Phase 1, you register in HIS-LSF for the semester or track in which you wish to continue your studies in the coming semester. Participation in Phase 1 is a mandatory prerequisite for participation in Phase 2 courses.

Please note that the courses of phase 1 can still be found in HIS-LSF in the current semester.

More Information

In Phase 2, the following assignments are made: Patient Internships 1 through 3, Family Medicine Internship, Pediatrics Internship, and registration for the Medical Psychology/Sociology course.

If you have participated in Phase 1 of online enrollment by the deadline, you will receive an email with further information on the process and exact enrollment deadlines for Phase 2. If you have not received an email from online enrollment prior to the start of the enrollment deadlines for the clerkships that are relevant to you, this is usually due to missing or invalid participation in Phase 1. In this case, please contact online enrollment immediately!

If you are planning a new entry into study year 3 or 4, there will be an optional small group assignment in phase 2, about which you will be informed separately by e-mail.

You can find all information about the allocation of electives here. You will additionally be informed by e-mail via your HHU account before the start of your enrollment.

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