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General Practitioner Internship

The assignment of a practicum takes place in HIS-LSF at the end of the summer semester for students in tracks 5.1 and 5.2 and at the end of the winter semester for students in tracks 5.3 and 5.4.

Link to the event in HIS-LSF (track 5.3)

Link to the course in HIS-LSF (track 5.4)

Within the enrollment period, all 5th year students who will be completing the family medicine internship (HAP) in the upcoming semester will choose a placement in a family medicine residency. Please place in the course assigned to your track and small group. (Example: you are in small group 61 of track 5.3. You select a practice in HIS-LSF in the course "Phase 2: Track 5.3 - Family Practice Internship A (Small Groups 61 - 75")).

The HAP assignment is divided into 2 phases:

Enrollment deadline: 02.03. and 03.03.2021

Only those students who wish to complete the HAP in the same practice as PP1, PP2 and/or PP3 will take Phase 1. This assumes that the practice from PP1, PP2 and/or PP3 also offers an internship during your assigned period for the family medicine internship.

Important: After the deadline for phase 1, ifam will check whether you have already completed PP1, PP2 and/or PP3 at the selected practice. If not, your registration will be cancelled after the deadline! In this case, you will have to participate in Phase 2 again. You will not be informed separately about the cancellation.

Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis: if a practice has already been taken, you will not be able to select it. 

Students from the regular program without participation in a patient practicum cannot participate in Phase 1.

At the end of your enrollment process, please make sure to check "My Events" to see if your enrollment was successful.

Enrollment deadline: 08.03. and 09.03.2021

In phase 2, those students from the model and regular study program who were not yet able to take a practice in phase 1 or were deregistered in phase 1 due to an invalid enrollment can take a practice. Please note that you can only take a practice in the period assigned to your small group.

The allocation is done on a first-come, first-served basis: if a practice is already allocated, you can no longer select it. Please note that for technical reasons it is not possible to display which practices are already occupied.

At the end of your booking process, please check under "My events" whether your booking was successful.

Students with Special Circumstances

Students in special life situations (pregnant women and students with children, students with dependents in need of care, seriously/chronically ill or students with disabilities) who need support in planning their family practice internship are asked to register (send email) with the online medicine booking by 01 March 2021 (12 noon). In the email, please indicate the time period (date) that you have been assigned for the clerkship according to the schedule and list three practices (available during your assigned date) where you would prefer to complete your clerkship. To simplify the process, please also attach any necessary supporting documents (e.g. birth certificate or a certificate from the supervising physician) to the email. For an overview of the teaching practices available for selection in your appointment, please refer to the respective event in HIS-LSF.

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