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Phase 1

The group booking for participation in the courses of the subject, study and practical blocks takes place in two phases in the electronic course directory (LSF).
Please note that the courses in phase 1 can still be found in the current semester in LSF.


In phase 1, you register in LSF for the semester or academic year in which you would like to continue your studies in the coming semester.

  • Registration for the coming semester takes place in addition to re-registration at the university (please note: the deadline for online registration is different from the re-registration deadline).
  • Participation in the registration is mandatory for all students of medicine and dentistry.
  • Participation in phase 1 is a mandatory prerequisite for participation in phase 2 assignments.
  • Students who do not participate in the registration process by the deadline cannot continue their studies in the following semester.
  • After each registration process, check in LSF in the "My functions" area and there under "My courses" whether your registration is displayed correctly.
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