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Module Examinations

The cumulative examination concept of the Düsseldorf Curriculum Medicine provides for an interdisciplinary block final examination after each subject and study block. Students thus take two examinations each semester. The tasks and formats of these examinations are set by and the responsibility of the individual subjects.

A block final examination is passed if the student has achieved at least 60 percent of the maximum achievable points. The block final examinations each contain questions from several subjects named in the Approbation Regulations. Each subject is represented in several final examinations. In order to ensure that the respective learning objectives are also achieved for the subject, it is only passed as such if at least 60 percent of the maximum points achievable for the subject have again been achieved across all blocks. A block final examination may only be repeated twice in each case. Subject blocks can only be taken in the second and third year of study if sufficient success has been achieved in the previously completed blocks.

In the Düsseldorf Curriculum Medicine, there is no written M1 examination after four semesters. Instead, the required M1 equivalence is achieved after the third year of study. Cumulatively, the interdisciplinary block final examinations are counted as the written part of the intermediate medical examination.

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