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Occupational Health Check

For us, your protection against infections as well as the safety of the patients is our top priority. That is why your vaccination status is checked by the company medical service right at the beginning of your studies. There is a separate appointment for this in the schedule for all students.

The company physicians will advise you on the prevention of infections, among other things, and check whether you have been sufficiently vaccinated:

  •     Vaccination against measles/mumps/rubella twice.
  •     Two vaccinations against chickenpox (varicella) at 6-week intervals or serological evidence of a previous illness
  •     Basic immunization (at least three vaccinations) against tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, poliomyelitis and one booster vaccination in the last 10 years
  •     Basic immunization against hepatitis B (three vaccinations)

Therefore, before your appointment with the company medical service, please check your vaccination status together with your family doctor and have any missing vaccinations done. The company medical service will check your hepatitis B vaccination protection by taking a blood sample and will offer you a hepatitis C and HIV antibody test.

In addition to a fully completed medical history form, you must bring your vaccination card and a (single) copy of the vaccination card to the company medical examination. If you do not have a vaccination card, ask your family doctor to issue one for you. If your vaccination card does not have German or English explanations, a translation or, alternatively, a certificate from your family doctor on the vaccination status is required.

Important: The occupational health consultation cannot be carried out without a medical history sheet and vaccination card (or comparable document) plus a copy!

You will receive an occupational health certificate for students about this examination, which is to be uploaded as a scan or photo here. After receipt and processing of your certificate, you will receive an entry in the student portal about the proof including the validity of your certificate. Before the validity expires, you are obliged to ensure that your certificate is updated!

Without a valid company medical certificate, it is not possible to participate in the online registration for the continuation of your studies.

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