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Declaration of Committment

Your studies will lead you to a profession in which you, as future physicians, will bear a high level of responsibility for your patients and yourself. But even now you bear responsibility: for yourself, your studies and for your own actions.

The Medical Faculty therefore considers it very important that you develop appropriate attitudes. The Declaration of Commitment is a building block that is intended to clarify the responsibility you already have and to make you aware (once again) of the framework conditions that apply to you in the study of human medicine or dentistry. You confirm this with your own signature.

Almost all regulations contained in the declaration of commitment are laid down in generally binding laws (e.g. on personal rights and copyright), have been issued by HHU (e.g. the use of the HHU e-mail address in the enrollment regulations) or are specifically valid for medicine or dentistry (e.g. the examination regulations or compulsory attendance). From our point of view, it goes without saying that performances must be performed independently and plagiarism is therefore a violation of the examination regulations - as is the fact that you must handle patient data confidentially and are bound by the duty of confidentiality.

In addition, the Medical Faculty expects you to actively keep up to date with developments in your studies. You will find information about this on our web pages, and you will also receive short-term and/or particularly relevant changes from us by e-mail.

You can download the declaration of commitment here:

  •     Declaration of Commitment Medicine (Q1)
  •     Declaration of Commitment Medicine (Q2)
  •     Declaration of Commitment Dentistry

If you do not submit a completed Declaration of Commitment, no achievements in your studies will be recognized!

You can upload the scan of the completed and signed Declaration of Commitment here:

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