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Practitioner Internships

The techniques trained in the Clinical Training Course are applied by our students to real patients in the Practitioner Internships, which take place in the practices of established teaching physicians. As early as the end of the first year of study, they can deepen and expand their previously acquired knowledge and skills in physical examination (skin, musculoskeletal system, nervous system, ear, nose and throat, lymph nodes) in the first Practitioner Internship.

In the 4th semester, students complete the one-week Practitioner Internship 2, further develop their skills in history taking and physical examination (abdomen, cardiovascular system, respiratory system), and acquire medical clerkship readiness.

This practical application is deepened by the two-week Practitioner Internship 3 during the practice modules of the 3rd year of study, in which special anamnesis and examination techniques are tested and trained.

Introduction Video for Students

Introduction Video for Teachers

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