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Case Conference

In addition to the Case Presentations on the ward, the medically supervised Case Conference offers students the opportunity to discuss a selected patient case in detail in the group with their fellow students in every practice module. The students are experts for their respective patient cases and thus also train their teaching skills in peer-to-peer teaching.


Case Conferences are held twice a week in the afternoon during the practice modules. They include up to 20 students and are accompanied by a physician. Each session provides space for approximately two interactive case discussions. In preparation, students select an aspect of a patient's case previously worked on in Learning on Patient's Complaints that they would like to explore in more depth. After the in-depth scientific research, they present and discuss the case as an expert with their group during the Case Conference.

The groups persist for at least one semester, because the constancy of the group creates a familiar environment in which presentation, discussion, reflection in the group and criticism can be practiced without reservation. The teachers are to be regarded as part of the group and take on the function of a coach.

Role of the Physicians

Since the students usually rotate on different wards, the Case Conferences are interdisciplinary and the supervising physicians act as experts in medical thinking and action, detached from their respective specialties. They are responsible for objectively assessing the students' case presentation and the discussion in the group and, if necessary, for leading the discussion in depth. As with the Patient Presentation on the Ward / Outpatient Clinic, they structure and evaluate the Case Conference using a feedback form. In addition, constructive verbal feedback is given by the entire group at the end of each session. The focus here is less on technical details than on the scientific evidence, the teaching competence of the students as well as on the in-depth impulse that the students provide through an aspect of their patient case selected according to personal interests.

Trigger for Reflection

The goal of the Case Conference is to apply the broad field of clinical reasoning and action to a patient case, thereby deepening the Eight Areas of Competence. The in-depth stimulus given by the students is intended to encourage them to look at the patient case from different perspectives, to deepen and critically question it. For example, students can consider economic, social and ethical, or therapeutic aspects and deepen their competences in the selected areas. The format provides space for informed discussions and complex issues that go beyond simply discussing the patient case and allow for wide-ranging skills growth in the group.

Introduction Video for Students

Introduction Video for Teachers


During the 5th year of study, a minimum of six detailed case presentations must be successfully completed in the twice weekly Case Conferences. Of these, three will be graded and the remaining three will be earned without a grade. The instructor's evaluation will be documented on the feedback form.

Regulation for the Winter Term 2020/21

In the winter term 2020/21, there will be no Case Conferences in the 5th academic year. They will be replaced by the teaching formats in the (digital) practice module weeks. Three case presentations (based on the patient's complaint) will be credited in the Case Conferences for regular participation in the practice module teaching in presence as well as in digital form.

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