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Erasmus+ Internship

Erasmus+ Traineeship is an EU-funded scholarship program that provides financial support for traineeships of two full months or more (e.g. PJ tertials and a two-month clinical traineeship completed in one go at the same institution). The internship must be completed in one of the Erasmus program countries. Shorter internships (e.g., famulatures of less than two months) cannot be subsidized. 

Please note: In the Erasmus calculation, one month corresponds to exactly 30 days, even if the month has 31 days. For this reason, it happens that you have to complete more than 60 actual days for the internship to be eligible. A half PJ tertial (8×7 = 56 days) does not reach the minimum duration for financial support through Erasmus+ Internship (two "Erasmus+ months"). A half tertial can only be funded if this is extended accordingly. For this you have to take days off, because the LPA only recognizes 8 weeks domestic + 8 weeks abroad (sequence irrelevant) and not about 9 weeks abroad + 7 weeks domestic.


1st Tertial of Spring Cohort 2023 1st Half 2nd Half
given 22.5. - 16.7. 17.7. - 10.9.
According to Erasmus-Calculation

22.5. - 21.7. (postpone) or

17.5. - 16.7. (postpone)

17.7. - 16.9. (postpone) ODER

11.7. - 10.9. (postpone)


Application for an internship

You must organize the internship yourself. There is no uniform application procedure for a clinical internship in the Erasmus program countries. At some foreign universities, the internship places at their university hospital or teaching hospital are allocated centrally via the respective university. When applying for an Erasmus+ internship placement, it is usually not necessary to have an Erasmus+ partnership between the foreign institution and HHU (with the exception of some French and Spanish universities). Therefore, you can also apply for an internship at an institution with which we do not have an Erasmus+ partnership. It is best to contact the international officers or the Erasmus office at the foreign university of your choice for information on how to apply for a traineeship through Erasmus+ Internship (Erasmus+ Traineeship). 

At some foreign universities, one must contact their university hospital/teaching hospital directly to inquire about a traineeship. You can often find relevant information on the homepage of the respective university. In case of doubt, contact the Erasmus office of the respective university to inquire about the more detailed procedure.

Application for the Erasmus Internship Grant

After you have received an internship commitment from the desired foreign institution, you can apply for financial support via Erasmus+ Internship at the International Office of HHU. Information on application deadlines and required documents can be found on the website of the International Office of HHU. If you have any questions, please contact the International Office of HHU directly.  

The Faculty of Medicine attaches great importance to the high motivation of applicants. An indispensable criterion is the written confirmation of the internship by the foreign institution in advance. If there are more applicants than scholarships, the grade (overall) of the intermediate medical examination and the language skills (national or working language) are decisive.

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